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Guarda West Al Baled — قناة وسط البلد الاردنية in Diretta: Discovering Jordanian Music through Autostrad

The Jordanian Music Scene

When one thinks of Jordan, typical associations may include its storied past as an ancient civilization, its historic religious sites such as Petra and the Dead Sea, and the ongoing conflicts in the region. However, the country also has a lively music scene, with talented musicians incorporating a range of genres from around the world into their work.

One of the most popular bands in Jordan is Autostrad, formed in Amman in 2007. They have been described as a “musical mosaic,” blending together elements of Latin, reggae, funk, and rock to create a sound that is uniquely their own. They sing in Arabic, but also incorporate words in English, French, and Spanish into their lyrics.

Who are Autostrad?

Autostrad was formed by five musicians who had all played together in previous bands. They started performing covers of popular songs but quickly began writing their own music. Their debut album, “Autostrad,” was released in 2009 and featured several hits that became instant classics, including “Haramt Ahebak,” “Taxi,” and “Habebe Ana.”

Over the years, the band has continued to evolve their sound, incorporating influences from different cultures and experimenting with different instruments. They have released four more albums since their debut, including “Niji” in 2012, “Ezay Teegy” in 2015, “Ostora” in 2018, and “Tareeq” in 2021.

Autostrad’s Impact on the Jordanian Music Scene

Autostrad has had a significant impact on the Jordanian music scene, helping to introduce new sounds and styles to a country that has traditionally been dominated by more conservative forms of music. They have also helped to break down barriers between different cultures, as their music incorporates elements from all over the world.

In addition to their music, Autostrad is also known for their activism and advocacy work. They have used their platform to raise awareness about various social issues, including refugees, the environment, and mental health.

Watching Autostrad on West Al Baled — قناة وسط البلد الاردنية in Diretta

West Al Baled — قناة وسط البلد الاردنية is a popular Jordanian television channel that broadcasts live programs, news, and events. Autostrad has appeared on the channel several times, performing live concerts and interviews.

To watch Autostrad on West Al Baled — قناة وسط البلد الاردنية in Diretta, you can tune into the channel on your television if you are in Jordan. If you are outside of the country, you can also stream the channel online through its official website or via other online streaming platforms.

If you are new to Autostrad’s music and want to get a taste of their sound, check out some of their top releases, including:

  • “Haramt Ahebak”
  • “Taxi”
  • “Habebe Ana”
  • “Layli 3idi”
  • “Ya Weli”

Se vuoi rimanere aggiornato sulle ultime notizie che riguardano il popolo giordano, allora non puoi perderti la diretta di West Al Baled, la voce del popolo! Questo canale televisivo giordano trasmette in diretta notizie, reportage e documentari sulla vita quotidiana degli abitanti delle città e dei villaggi della Giordania. Inoltre, West Al Baled si occupa anche di temi politici, economici e sociali che interessano la popolazione giordana.

Guardando West Al Baled, potrai conoscere la vera realtà del paese, grazie ai reporter che si spostano sul territorio, raccogliendo testimonianze e intervistando i protagonisti dei fatti. In questo modo, potrai anche scoprire la cultura, le tradizioni e i valori del popolo giordano, che da sempre si distingue per la sua ospitalità e cordialità.

Ma come poter vedere West Al Baled in diretta? In realtà è molto semplice, basta collegarsi al sito http://lazyproduction-arabtunes.blogspot.com/2013/01/ e seguire le istruzioni per la visione in streaming. In questo modo, potrai guardare il canale comodamente dal tuo computer, tablet o smartphone, ovunque tu sia.

Insomma, se sei interessato a conoscere la Giordania e il suo popolo, non perdere questa occasione per vedere West Al Baled in diretta. Grazie a questo canale, potrai comprendere meglio le dinamiche del paese e scoprire i volti e le voci dei suoi abitanti. Non esitare, clicca il link e goditi lo spettacolo offerto da West Al Baled!

Non perderti la diretta di West Al Baled, la voce del popolo!


What language does Autostrad sing in?

Autostrad sings primarily in Arabic, but also incorporates words in English, French, and Spanish into their lyrics.

What is Autostrad’s style of music?

Autostrad’s music incorporates elements of Latin, reggae, funk, and rock.

Are there any upcoming concerts or events featuring Autostrad?

You can check the band’s official website or social media channels for information on upcoming concerts and events. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many concerts and events have been postponed or cancelled, so be sure to check for updates.


Autostrad is a unique band from Jordan that has made a significant impact on the country’s music scene. With their blend of different styles and cultures, they have brought new sounds and messages to audiences both in Jordan and around the world. By watching them on West Al Baled — قناة وسط البلد الاردنية in Diretta and listening to their music, you can discover a new world of music and culture that you may not have experienced before.